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Thermal Shock Testing Services

Thermal Shock Testing is used to thermally shock and stress components and products to withstand rapid temperature changes from extreme cold to extreme hot environments. Temperature Shock tests are designed for testing electrical, automotive, and military components and are used to detect latent product flaws by stimulating defects at the lowest level of assembly, before they reach your customer.

CSZ's A2LA test laboratories are equipped with thermal shock chambers that are used to move product between hot and cold zones in cycles for testing the effects of thermal expansion and contraction on products.

CSZ has one of the largest thermal shock chambers in the nation!

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Thermal Shock Testing Services

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Temperature Range: Hot Chamber: 71°C to 210°C (160°F to 410°F)
Cold Chamber: -75°C to 190°C (-103°F to 375°F)
Size: 144 cubic feet of workspace in each chamber
Load Capacity: 600 lbs.

Here are a few of the products that are often tested in thermal shock conditions:

  • Airbag Inflators
  • DAB & PAB
  • Electronics
  • Medical Products
  • Military Products
  • Roofrails
  • Steering Wheels
  • ...and more

The following are a few of the common specifications that require the use of temperature and humidity testing. Tests may also be adapted to your specific needs, view full list of specifications.

Specification Type of Product
AKLV-03 Airbag Inflators
EN90016 Airbag Inflators
EN98003 Airbag Inflators
EN980058 Airbag Inflators
ASTM D 5427 Inflatable Fabric Restraints
CEI/IEC 68 Series Medical Products Commercial and Military
CM20106 Rev 1 Steering Wheels DAB & PAB
GM-CM20217 Steering Wheels DAB & PAB
GM-CM20221 Steering Wheels DAB & PAB
GMW3118GS-5-2-V-1 PAB, DAB, Steering Wheels, Roofrails
MIL-STD-202G IC’s, Circuit Boards
MIL-STD-833D IC’s, Circuit Boards
Navistar Military Products

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