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Repetitive Motion Testing

CSZ Testing Services utilizes innovative robotic testing technology for durability testing. Examples include cycling the parts/assemblies using motion by accelerating and de-accelerating at various speeds and measuring the resistance of the device under test.

The robot may also be interfaced with a test chamber for combined temperature, humidity and robotics testing. These techniques are used to test the durability of a variety of products by exposing the product to repetitive motion, often for thousands of cycles. These tests simulate the environments and fatigue that the assemblies are exposed to over the duration of its life. Data derived from these tests help to improve design and reliability.

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Robotics Testing Services

  • Capabilities
  • Products Tested

Rotation: 6-axis
Range: 135° to 720°
Speed: 70°/sec to 210°/sec
Load Capacity: 176 lbs.
Maximum Reach: 2.25m

Here are a few of the products that are often tested
in robotics conditions:

  • Electronics Products
  • Defense Products
  • Aerospace Products
  • ...and more

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