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CSZ Testing Laboratory provides package testing services for a variety of package test standards including ISTA, ASTM, and FedEx. When you need to simulate shipment or transport of product, we can help. Refer to the list below for a few of the more common package testing specifications.
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ASTM D4169

Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems
This practice provides a guide for the evaluation of shipping units in accordance with a uniform system, using established test methods at levels representative of those occurring in actual distribution. The recommended test levels are based on available information on the shipping and handling environment, and current industry/government practice and experience. The tests should be performed sequentially on the same containers in the order given. 

(Source: ASTM D4169 - 09)
Document available on ASTM web site: http://www.astm.org


Packaged-Products for Parcel Delivery System Shipment 150 lb or Less
ISTA Test Procedure 3A is a general simulation for individual packaged-products shipped through a parcel delivery system. The test is appropriate for four different types of packages commonly distributed as individual packages, either by air or by ground. The types include standard, small, flat and elongated packages. This test procedure is for packaged-products that weighs 150 lbs (70kg) or less.

(Source: ISTA 3A - 2008)
Document available on ISTA web site: http://www.ista.org


Thermal Controlled Transport Packaging for Parcel Delivery System Shipment
ISTA Test Procedure 7D covers the thermal performance testing of packaged-products to evaluate the effects of external temperature exposure. The test method is suitable for testing analysis of packaged-products with and without temperature stabilizers (e.g. refrigerants, eutectic solutions), and with or without external temperature controlled packaging (e.g. insulated containers).

(Source: ISTA 7D - 2007) Document available on ISTA web site: http://www.ista.org

Package Testing

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