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Solar Panel Testing Services

With the ever-increasing concern of global warming and lower energy costs, there is a growing need for alternative energy that is both clean and affordable. Solar Energy is one alternative that uses Photovoltaic (PV) modules to generate energy. These modules are exposed to severe environmental temperature and humidity extremes throughout the life of the product.

CSZ Test Laboratory provides a full range of environmental testing services to test photovoltaic modules and panels. Our laboratory is equipped to handle all module and panel sizes for temperature cycling, damp heat tests, humidity freeze tests and more.

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Solar Panel Testing CSZ Testing has experience testing a variety of products for the Solar industry, they include the following:

Below are a few of the Solar Panel specifications that CSZ can test to. View a complete list of specifications.

Specification Test Types of Products
CEI/IEC 61215 Temperature, Humidity PV Modules/Solar Panels
CEI/IEC 61646 Temperature, Humidity PV Modules/Solar Panels
CEI/IEC 61730-l:2004 Ed 1-0 Temperature, Humidity PV Modules/Solar Panels
CEI/IEC 62108 Temperature, Humidity PV Modules/Solar Panels
UL 1703 Temperature, Humidity, Accelerated Aging, Corrosion/Salt Spray PV Modules/Solar Panels
ASTM E1171 Temperature, Humidity PV Modules


Solar Panel Testing Services