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At CSZ Testing, we are excited to know that we help make an impact by improving the safety and reliability of products people use every day. By providing environmental testing services, our contract testing laboratories work directly with our customers to provide testing solutions that help ensure product quality and reliability.

CSZ's Testing Laboratory is an A2LA Accredited environmental test lab located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. When testing with CSZ, you can be confident you will receive reliable, accurate, and responsive testing services for your product qualification, overflow testing and /or third party validation testing. We offer quick report turn around time after testing is complete. CSZ Testing Services provides a wide range of environmental testing conditions including temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, HALT/HASS, thermal shock, salt spray, stability, radiator testing and more. We excel at finding unique testing solutions to test your products. 

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Why CSZ?
Why CSZ Testing

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1We have over 27 years of experience of providing first rate testing services.

2We are committed to delivering high quality testing services.

3We work to keep up with the latest technology in environmental testing.